For this blog post I am hoping to give a better idea of what are the different options you have for your database creation. …

Welcome back to my overview of Azure Data Factory. In our previous post we went through the process of creating an Azure Data Factory pipeline. In today’s blog post I would like to talk about the next component of ADF (and there are several) which is Datasets and Linked Services.

What are Datasets and Linked Services

In this post I hope to give you an idea of how to create a simple pipeline in Azure Data Factory.

Azure Data Factory is an orchestration tool provided by Azure and it allows users to build workflows that move data from point A to point B.

This article is…

What is Azure Data Studio

Hello fellow data engineers and readers, today I wanted to add a short post on how to do the same thing while using Azure Data Studio. …

Vitali Dedkov

Hello, I am currently a Data Engineer working in the Azure space. Before that I was an ETL developer in SAP space.

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