For this blog post I am hoping to give a better idea of what are the different options you have for your database creation. I faced this type of question when I was trying to figure out what configuration is best, what type of configuration would be best for which type of workloads, and some of the pros and cons that each database configuration can cause.

Before continuing I did want to specify that when we speak about configuration I am talking about resources assigned to the Azure SQL DB (I will shorten Azure SQL Database to DB for this…

Welcome back to my overview of Azure Data Factory. In our previous post we went through the process of creating an Azure Data Factory pipeline. In today’s blog post I would like to talk about the next component of ADF (and there are several) which is Datasets and Linked Services.

What are Datasets and Linked Services

Datasets and Linked Services are an integral part of Azure Data Factory and while the two are linked, they provide 2 different services.

Datasets can be considered as the source and target of a pipeline. A pipeline can have multiple Datasets, sometimes extracting a file, transforming it, and then writing…

In this post I hope to give you an idea of how to create a simple pipeline in Azure Data Factory.

Azure Data Factory is an orchestration tool provided by Azure and it allows users to build workflows that move data from point A to point B.

This article is for those that have heard about Azure Data Factory and were hoping for a good guide on how to create a pipeline yourself.

With that out of the way let’s go through and actually create our first pipeline.


Before being able to create this pipeline we have to make sure…

What is Azure Data Studio

Hello fellow data engineers and readers, today I wanted to add a short post on how to do the same thing while using Azure Data Studio. I recently started using Azure Data Studio and I really liked it and wanted to share this with others that might now want to use the query edition in Azure SQL Database or SSMS.

Azure Data Studio is a free tool that is provided by Microsoft and it is an editor that allows you to connect to a number of different sources and run your queries against them. …

Vitali Dedkov

Hello, I am currently a Data Engineer working in the Azure space. Before that I was an ETL developer in SAP space.

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